Coaching Wisdom

Voices of the Gay Coaches Alliance
Voices of the Gay Coaches Alliance
Read this book to better understand others and yourself, regardless of your identity.
Coaching Wisdom is an opportunity to hear from the gay men working on the front lines of coaching. Whether it is about gay aging, lavender glass ceilings, or gay superheroes generating ever greater success, real life is examined. Here is a book that combines firsthand point of view writing with the methodical third-person observations found with theory and practice writing. Throughout the text, discover the voices of committed practitioners who understand that coaching is a lifelong journey, one that changes the gay practitioner while empowering the receiving client in new and unexpected ways.

In twenty-seven chapters,

the voices of committed coaching practitioners who are also out GBTQ men share unique perspectives relevant to coaching clients of all kinds. Authors explore a wide range of topics, from coming out and identity management in a heteronormative world, to gay aging and the lavender glass ceilings.

Chapter titles include: